1. How does TrackR work? 
    TrackR uses Bluetooth technology to connect your item (keys, wallet, bag, etc.) with the TrackR app on your phone. To ensure your TrackR is always findable, make sure:
    • Bluetooth is on at all times
    • Location Services are on
    • TrackR app is open and running in the background
    Learn more here.
  2. What is Bluetooth?
    Bluetooth is a standard for the short-range wireless interconnection of mobile phones, computers, and other electronic devices. All TrackR's rely on Bluetooth to communicate with the TrackR app.
  3. What is TrackR’s range?
    Up to 100 ft. or 30 meters (with a clear line of sight). Of course, when obstacles –such as walls or furniture – are present, the range is diminished.
  4. Does TrackR use GPS?
    No. TrackRs are Bluetooth trackers and do not use GPS technology. Your tracked items communicate with the TrackR app on your phone using a Bluetooth connection.
  5. Is the TrackR battery replaceable?
    Yes! And we replace it for free. The app will alert you when your battery is running low and prompt you to order a new one.
  6. What is Crowd Locate?
    Crowd Locate is an automatic finding feature built-into the TrackR app that expands the number of people who can help you find what’s lost when your item is outside of Bluetooth range. Crowd Locate helps users find over 2 million items every day.
  7. Is my phone compatible with TrackR?
    While TrackR is compatible with the majority of phones and tablets, there is a portion that is not. To see the full list of compatible devices click here.