TrackR Student Discount

TrackR supports students to achieve higher success and without worrying about where their items - keys, backpacks, wallets, tech gadgets, or even remotes, are kept. 

Getting your TrackR student discount is super easy and best of all it's completely free. Simply login/sign up for your free Student Beans iD (you can even sign in with Facebook or Google+ for instant access). The TrackR student discount is available to U.S. and International students. If you're spending too much time in finding lost items, or a way to organize and track where you kept your items with a simple tap of a button using our easy to use mobile app, TrackR bluetooth tracking devices would be the perfect smart tracking device that you should tag with all your important items, including keys, backpacks, tech gadgets, and almost any thing!

All our lovely student shoppers can benefit from a huge 25% off discount of their entire purchase. Our exclusive student discount can't be missed.

Save time in finding lost items and focus on more important things in your life!